Saturday, June 5, 2010

Learning to Cheer, Talk, and Dance

So Tj (Wyatt's brother) is now racing BMX bikes. Last night at Tj race i was teaching what how to cheer for brother and the other rides. It was so cute he would clap his hands and babble closely sounding like GO GUY GO, and he would doe this has loud has he could. He would look at me and smile it was so cute. He is learning from me how to be of over excited cheering person at sports events.

He is even learning more words every day and trying hard to but them together in 2 word sentences. He says Hi, daddy, mommy, kitty, doggy, Rowdy (our oldest dog), yah, and a few more. but he sees the cats in the morning and says hi kitty, or hi daddy. He is learning TJ. and boy does he take after his daddy on talking he loves to talk and hear himself talk.

Wyatt loves music and will stop running around the house just long enough to dance to a song on tv that he thinks is good dancing music then he will carry on with what ever evil plan he was up to at that moment. He will shake his or bounce up and down  or do both at the same time, lol. well that is all for now.