Saturday, June 5, 2010

Learning to Cheer, Talk, and Dance

So Tj (Wyatt's brother) is now racing BMX bikes. Last night at Tj race i was teaching what how to cheer for brother and the other rides. It was so cute he would clap his hands and babble closely sounding like GO GUY GO, and he would doe this has loud has he could. He would look at me and smile it was so cute. He is learning from me how to be of over excited cheering person at sports events.

He is even learning more words every day and trying hard to but them together in 2 word sentences. He says Hi, daddy, mommy, kitty, doggy, Rowdy (our oldest dog), yah, and a few more. but he sees the cats in the morning and says hi kitty, or hi daddy. He is learning TJ. and boy does he take after his daddy on talking he loves to talk and hear himself talk.

Wyatt loves music and will stop running around the house just long enough to dance to a song on tv that he thinks is good dancing music then he will carry on with what ever evil plan he was up to at that moment. He will shake his or bounce up and down  or do both at the same time, lol. well that is all for now.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wyatt is turning 1

I know it has been a long time since i wrote any thing about Wyatt and how much he is growing. But is Growing so fast I can't keep up with him some days. Wyatt will finish his last day of daycare today till Aug when we go back to school in the fall. There he just bloomed under their wonderful teaching styles and loving care. He know How to sign and I will keep teaching him this summer. He walks everywhere now and loves it cause now he can cause so much more trouble and get tin things that he is not to be in.

 He has a total of 7 teeth and i think he is trying to get his first molar, poor baby. At 8 1/2 months he was done eating baby food and started eating big people food, and there is not much I can't get him to eat. He love to explore his world and points at every thing wanting to know it name and even try to touch it.

We have found out he has mommy's allergies, so there is not a lot they can do for a little guy like him, but we are trying to to keep it under control.  well I guess that is a quick update on him and I will work on keeping up to date better.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sitting up and trying to crawl

Well Wyatt turned 5 months old on Sunday, It just seems like I brought him home and was sleeping with him in Tom's big black chair. It also seems over night he has learned to sit up.Wyatt sitting in daddy's chair, he is such a big boy.

He is doing great in school, his teachers love him and he loves them. He is right on track with his motor skills and language. His teacher did say he has is favorite teachers and they are ranked in order of who he wants when he is not happy. LOL.

Wyatt LOVES his Veggies, He eats those faster then fruits, Thinking carrots so far are his favorites. Last night he was leaning forward to get more off the spoon.

Crawling is still a challenge but he is quickly trying to figure it out, but every time he gets his knees under him; he ends up moving backwards. Then tries to figure out why his toys are not any closer. So for now he rolls and pulls him self across the floor to get to things he wants, I am thinking here by Thanksgiving he will be crawling and there will be no stopping him.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Tried new foods this week

Well this week Wyatt has gotten introduced to new foods starting with Sweet Potatoes; which, he liked and can eat a whole jar at one sitting. So I have been mixing just a little rice cereal in to it and feeding him half a jar to help make him full. Today He had Bananas and loves them. This week he also got a play saucer for our house. This we can add and switch toys out when he becomes bored with them. He loves that thing.

He has figured out if he makes a fake pouting face we laugh at him, so he does all the time now to make us laugh cause then he laughs. He has figured out by making face he can get people to talk to him ;mostly smiling but he is smart. On Saturday he was on all 4's for like a second before he fell on his face; he might be crawling before thanksgiving we will see. Well that is all for this week.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Welcom to Wyatt"s World

Well this is Wyatt's new page I will post once a week what is new with him along with a few photos.

Well yesterday Wyatt got a new fun disk play area over at his Great Aunt Pam's house for the holidays and time we go over to hang out. He loved it so much he was talking and giggling the whole time. He even figured out how to spin the seat t
o get to the other toys and play. Well now we will be getting one for the house since he loved that one so much. see the photos down below.