Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Sitting up and trying to crawl

Well Wyatt turned 5 months old on Sunday, It just seems like I brought him home and was sleeping with him in Tom's big black chair. It also seems over night he has learned to sit up.Wyatt sitting in daddy's chair, he is such a big boy.

He is doing great in school, his teachers love him and he loves them. He is right on track with his motor skills and language. His teacher did say he has is favorite teachers and they are ranked in order of who he wants when he is not happy. LOL.

Wyatt LOVES his Veggies, He eats those faster then fruits, Thinking carrots so far are his favorites. Last night he was leaning forward to get more off the spoon.

Crawling is still a challenge but he is quickly trying to figure it out, but every time he gets his knees under him; he ends up moving backwards. Then tries to figure out why his toys are not any closer. So for now he rolls and pulls him self across the floor to get to things he wants, I am thinking here by Thanksgiving he will be crawling and there will be no stopping him.